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It’ll only be available for a limited amount of time during the promotion EA is running in part with Battlefield 4 in order to help promote the upcoming Battlefield 1. The Naval Strike DLC contains four all new maps across the south China sea, giving gamers the Lost Islands to battle across, the Nansha Strike to rush through, Operation Mortar to brush up on your siege skills and Wave Breaker for battling across the rocky waves to control a naval base. The Battlefield 4 DLC contains five brand new weapons, including three new grenade launcher attachments, and the new hovercraft vehicle, which can glide across both land and sea. But that’s not all. It’s a night-themed pack with a brand new map, six modes to play across and various night-enhanced gadgets to make use of. It’s literally a barrage of DLC being carted out for free. This is all in attempts to keep the hype levels maintained for Battlefield 1 and get gamers enticed into the series before the next game launches this October.

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In my last post, I talked about the Xbox One’s sharing model might have been a simple timed demo, based largely on follow up reports from a pastebin post. I’ve been reading a lot of different posts in various places. Much of it does not add up. This is how I see it.

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In an official Help article , the two companies are claiming that the problem is linked to the fact that the servers they are using sometimes reach their maximum capacity and simply cannot accept any more connections. The only solution for players is to wait a little and then try to join a game once again and hope that space is freed. Battlefield Hardline should not have any problems when the full game is out The problem with the Matchmaking Failed message, as with the previously flagged server browser problems on the PlayStation 4, is that some members of the community see them as bad omens for the full launch of the shooter.

Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have promised that the game will not suffer from the issue that Battlefield 4 had when it came out, which took a long time to fix. Until then, the developers have claimed that they will use the data gathered in the open beta to make some small tweaks to gameplay, even if the core mechanics have been set for some time. Battlefield Hardline will have an extensive multiplayer experience, with new modes like Heists and Hotwire, and will also offer a story-driven single-player campaign, which is inspired by both Hollywood and TV shows.

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Release Date Oct 29, Battlefield 4 is pushed forward by its legacy, even as it carries that weight on its shoulders. Developer DICE is moving the series towards bigger, well, battlefields — more vehicles, more emergent spectacle, more teamwork. And DICE seems determined to keep everything that has defined the series over the last three years and four game releases. It sounds like a great idea, and in execution Battlefield 4 is as successful as ever at the emergent, bombastic play that’s defined the series.

But there are baggage-related bumps along the way. Battlefield 4 takes the scope of the previous games and blows it up, with maps that span virtual kilometers of space that take minutes to run across on foot.

Oct 24,  · Hello there I am having issues with connecting to the online matches since the release day of the game. I pick a server, click join and then after matchmaking I get a “server disconnected- session ended” message.

February 28, in Gaming 0 Last weekend, Call of Duty: I was a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, until MW2 was released. Black ops is still considered good, but not a good as the previous titles. The shift from gameplay and player requirements to pushing out content for investors is destroying franchise for gamers.

That said, I jumped on the opportunity to try out Call of Duty: Hearing that how this is suppose to be next gen and new direction for the franchise I thought to try out to see if they were telling the truth. I had played around six hours of Ghost, and I can say the game was not worth it. Ghost was not what the developers and publishers made it out to be. So let me go through the list of problems that COD: While in Ghost you provided with slots for weapons and attachments, and slot limit for perks Each perk can take up a different amount depending on value given.

Ghost also includes squad points which are used to unlock perks, weapons, attachments, killstreaks and loadout slots. Black ops 2 had squad points too but they could only be used to unlock weapons and perks when they were available when you reach a certain rank. Squad points in Ghost can be used on weapons and perks which are available to be unlocked from the start, ranking up only provides you with squad points. I feel that giving player everything from the start allow them.

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Email Battlefield 4 developer EA DICE released a new patch for the Windows PC version of the game today, fixing numerous issues such as so-called kill trading, but causing a couple of new ones in the process. In particular, the update shrinks the time frame in which players with high latency who should already be dead could still get a kill. Fix for a crash that would cause the game to stall, resulting in a sound loop.

This should eliminate most of the problems relating to this.

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The Journey Begins A while back some subscribers to my small Youtube channel asked that I do a video discussing the aim-assist system in BF4. The video itself was pretty much a carbon copy of every consecutive, biased video or forum post God, help me I had the misfortune of being subjected to thereafter. I decided to dig a little deeper and soon I was in that dark, drippy part of the Internet where curiously angry people seem to spend their time — gaming forums. Excruciatingly I read thread after thread of gamers pissing and moaning about Aim-Assist.

So I jumped into the in-game Test Range and I was flabbergasted at how obvious the Aim-Assist actually was, I simply could not fathom how I never noticed it in-game. I immediately turned it off and jumped into a TDM, expecting to get my ass handed to me so completely I would have to delete my PSN account and burn the game disc — thing is I hardly noticed any difference at all. I played two full map rotations and averaged a 1. This merely compounded my confusion.

The disparity between what I noticed on the test range and what I experienced in an actual game was massive. I finally had the motivation to throw myself into researching exactly how the Aim-Assist works in BF4. My first goal was to get Aim-Assist data from the actual game code or speak to someone at Dice to get exact values.

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So if for some reason you got disconnected, you are no longer kicked from the game, but get re-connected automatically. Previously in these cases, you would have simply been disconnected from the game but now can continue playing. We’re looking into adding messaging to communicate this. But also want to investigate this further. Anyone that can provide dxdiags, replays and warnings logs – please let me know. It goes a long way in helping them diagnose things.

Nov 05,  · The main thing for me is the fixed rego in BF4 over BF3. Ghosts is running a matchmaking again which is just ****e, proven three times on PC with MW2, MW3 and Blops2. The lag from the P2P gaming is just not worth it.

Despite being released almost three years ago, the game is still played by many players and there are still many players who sink hours upon hours in this game. However, as big the audience for the game actually is right now, there are a high number of cases in the department of Battlefield 4 Lag and while there is a separate article from us which concentrates on fixes for Battlefield 4 Lag in general, this article is going to focus on rubberbanding in BF4.

What is rubberbanding in BF4 Rubberbanding in BF4 has become a very common and widespread problem and players who are victims of rubberbanding have experienced other players teleporting on their screens with them not being able to hit them. There are a lot of reasons behind this problem and we are going to discuss some of the most common reasons for rubberbanding in BF4 along with their solutions.

Why does rubberbanding in BF4 happen? There are a lot of reasons because of which you might be experiencing rubberbanding in BF4 but the most common reason behind this problem is your network. Since Battlefield 4 is one of the most network intensive games out there, it requires a perfect internet connection in order to function properly.

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All you do is link at the bottom of your page to a forum post that has a total of 14 people that have made a comment on the post. And not even all of them are seeing the same issues. Some saying no issues have been noticed.

Jan 16,  · on some occasions yes but this no. i got my refund 2 weeks ago and when i was chatting with MS i asked if they where refunding and they said yes what problems was i getting and we all know the problems with BF4 and they gave me the refund and yes i still have premium.

See, the match maker won’t put you in a queue, unless your party is on a server that’s full, so, instead of queuing you, it drops you into a nearly, or completely empty server. Bingo, that’s what it is, I tryed this I tryed all mods like this tracking names, each mode has it’s own group of people on different game servers, some names did manage to repeat in different mods, they probably switched mods.

EA make those regions bigger don’t saturate us to the point that I can remember all the names from my local games here in Canada Alberta. I think my games only include Canadians from my province, unless I invite others. I want the whole N America and ability to go Europe ping of ms is not bad to have Canadian playing with Europe. Kind of look at the BF4 structure and adopt it here, making private rentable servers would be even better.

Hmmm just copy paste BF4 browser into this game and we will do the rest. My next experiment is to ask people inside an active game to see where they are from and make little map if possible, something you could do on your end, heck just trace your game keys sold to addresses you will get fair map out of this.

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