Dead Island: Epidemic – Open Beta (Steam)

The game was released in October , about the same time as the movie, Land of the Dead. It generally received poor reviews and was entirely broken. Dead Epidemic changes all of this. You play the role of Sgt. You were sent to stop a terrorist organization by the name of “C. L”, but everything goes wrong once you find your team slaughtered.

Dead Island: Epidemic [Closed Beta](Mega OP For U)

Rundown of the game Dead Island: Epidemic DIE for short is a player vs player hunting and domination game. Twelve players arranged in three teams of four are pit against one another to search out supply points for their families back home. The general format of the maps is a somewhat symmetrical island vacation resort that has been infected and all humans — barring the visiting player characters — have been destroyed by a zombie virus.

Dead Island: Epidemic was a MOBA video game developed by Stunlock Studios. Voice Actors Amber, Hailey – Amber Lee Connors, Berg. Bryce – Anthony Sardinha, Isys – Danielle McRae, Xian Mei – Elseph Eastman, Voltage – Emma Rigg, Allie – Erica Mendez, Wanta – Heidi Tabing, Rico – Howard Wang, Dr.

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Dead Island: Epidemic MOBA Announced

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L’éditeur a suspendu le téléchargement de son logiciel pour le moment. MOBA de zombis à combattre en coopération, mettant à rude épreuve les joueurs face à des hordes de zombis nerveux!1/5(1).

I ended up getting into the closed beta, but I also ended up with multiple keys to give away as well which I have already done, sorry. Technically despite being in closed beta, you can pay for early access, and I believe that with that you get RMT currency to use in-game. The title will be free to play once it is fully released. I can tell you up front, that yes, this game is trying to do something different within the MOBA genre, and it mixes several different influences quite well.

The Mini map is in the standard spot. Bottom middle is where your abilities are listed. Rather that click to move, you use WASD. Left clicking your mouse does a basic attack, and the right mouse button is a fury attack this builds up with actions taken. Q, E, R and F are for your main abilities, but those unlock as you level up your character and account level.

Dead Island 2 for Xbox One

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Though the team behind the notoriously difficult zombie game has assured fans that the game is still on, it’s been quite some time since the last update. Thankfully the release of their mobile game, Dead Island: Survivors, has prompted the developers to give a short, to the point affirmation that the project is still greenlit: Dead Island 2 is still in development and we will share more on this at a later stage. After Dead Island 2 was announced in , the sequel fell victim to a wide variety of road bumps that affected work on the title.

After a split with its previous developer and Deep Silver, production was moved to Sumo Digital in With few updates here and there, news – as mentioned before – has been scarce, though a listing for the title did appear for a short time on the Microsoft store just before E3 Dead Island is a very key IP for us. It put us on the map in the first place.

We have big plans for the franchise with several projects in development. Dead Island 2 is obviously announced and is making fantastic progress at Sumo. Hopefully this update, however small it was, means good things for the near future. Perhaps we’ll finally get a release date at some point this year, we can only hope!

If you haven’t checked out the first game yet, here’s what you need to know:

[Freebie] Dead Island: Epidemic beta keys

One of my online friends has been playing Dead Island: Epidemic for some time now and says lots of good things about it. One great thing about DI: E is that it has got you covered no matter if you are into PvP or prefer some more friendly co-op. The Crossroads mode will pit you and you team against waves of zombie enemies as you try to survive.

Or, if you are more the bloodthirsty type, there is a PvPvPvE I am not kidding Scavenger mode that pits your team up against two other teams and the zombie horde.

Dead Island: Epidemic eschews the first-person view the series has been known for, and instead goes for the same top-down view of so many other MOBAs. Still, it stays true to the series’ focus on.

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Dead Island:Epidemic [Matchmaking] [Round 2]