Laneway homes, How to start?

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Canada Bans Off-Grid Living (And It’s Happening In The U.S., Too)

Cached May 30, Iss 3, pp When no treaty was signed between the government, and no war was fought over the land, first nations groups in Canada are entitled to the land on which they have historically lived and still inhabit.

 · debt, made up of $ billion already spent and another $ billion in remediation costs. As public debt, it would become the responsibility of BC Hydro customers or ://

Ralston likened the budget to the financial plan laid out by the Liberals ahead of the election, which turned out to be a deficit. Bruce Ralston, a duly elected MP from Surrey has accused the Christy Clark government of faking their pre election budget. Is that true or false? CBC is reporting that the fake budget includes speculative revenues from natural gas royalties and asset sales. Selling assets to balance the budget is very short sighted. You have to eventually balance the budget. Especially when they sell off assets at fire sale prices to insiders who contribute to their political campaigns like at the Campbell Heights Industrial Park in Surrey.

The BC Liberals from Gordon Campbell to Christy Clark and beyond to the Surrey wing nut high jacking , has constantly been the most corrupt and arrogant government in the history of the province. Sooner or later people will wake up and smell the coffee. I happened to get some spam recently claiming to be from Carol James about this very subject.

The fire sale of public assets is a huge concern. That is a one trick pony they keep riding into the dust.

Opinion: Is Site C dam worth the cost?

Comments Most Canadians rely on provincially owned utilities to keep the lights on — and they’re getting burned. Mired in politics and empire-building, our big electricity providers have racked up a rap sheet of bad investments longer than their longest transmission lines. Taxpayers and ratepayers — usually one and the same — are left to pay off ballooning hydro debts with nothing to show for it but politically driven white elephants. Bad planning and stubborn mismanagement in the face of cratering market prices for electricity have left no good options available to limit the financial fallout.

A couple of decades ago, privatization might have been a solution.

 · Cathy Oughton, front, and fellow residents at Chartwell Mews want BC Hydro to take greater responsibility after a power surge sent many of their appliances and electronics up in

However these estimates were very preliminary — known as Class 5 estimates by professional engineers and cost accountants. These estimates were subject to a significant degree of uncertainty: In light of this significant variance and the uncertainty of these various estimates, the BCUC Report settled p. This estimate lay between the high and low estimates presented to the Site C Inquiry and was also close to the figure used by BC Hydro as its most conservative “P90” estimate for these costs.

The sunk costs were generally knowable and reliably calculable. Potential remediation costs though, would have been subject to potential escalation due to the preliminary nature of the estimates. Also, those costs had the potential to escalate even further because the estimate of remediation costs was to restore the site to the point where there was no further risk to public health, safety or the environment as opposed to restoring the status quo of the site prior to any project-related work.

Remediation to that level was not estimated by BC Hydro or by the BCUC but was generally acknowledged to require considerably greater expense. We think it unlikely that, had Site C been cancelled, affected stakeholders would have been satisfied with any remediation effort that fell short of restoring the full status quo or something substantially resembling it. The potential for remediation costs to climb well above the final BCUC estimate would accordingly have been a very real one, in our view.

Formulating, costing and evaluating an Illustrative Alternative Portfolio was a difficult and controversial enterprise.

Lend your car out from time to time? There’s now an ICBC fee for that

Laneway Home Laneway homes, How to start? In City of North Vancouver it called Coach house. Take note of the regulations, because they will have a major impact on your design. Do you have to provide off-street parking?

5 days ago · TORONTO — The last legal hurdle holding up compensation to victims of the ’60s Scoop has been cleared with a deal over who pays for a failed appeal against their class-action settlement, documents show. The deal lets the lawyers off the hook for the costs .

This article originally appeared in the Times Colonist. Those rate increases will be needed to pay off B. Meanwhile, residential ratepayers — who have been cutting back on electricity consumption in recent years — will consume less, yet pay more each month. On a standalone basis, investors would require a higher interest rate when purchasing bonds from a highly leveraged company.

Hydro is also banking on future rate increases to support its current net income. The benefit of counting money today, but actually collecting it sometime in the future, is obvious: It makes the company more profitable and avoids the blowback it would receive from current ratepayers who would experience even higher monthly bill increases than they currently see. If residential ratepayers were on the hook for moving B.

But even with the ability to kick the rate-increase can down the road, B.


Originally Posted by Badfish Can somebody give me an idea of how utility hookups work? You better get involved with them right from the start to find out if the fee’s for hookup are outrageous or not. And normally you have to pay a hookup fee for the right to use their service.

 · BC. Shop; My TELUS; If, for example, you signed up for Optik TV on June 8, and selected the Essentials ($26/month) as your TV combo and your billing cycle ends on the 20th day of each month, your first bill would show these charges: Your first Home Services bill from TELUS. Your first Mobility bill from TELUS. Mobility bill terminology

Thanks to everyone who commented in a civil and respectful manner. I am surprised at the constant popularity of this post. However, remember that it was written in March , after I left Vancouver mostly heartbroken and disillusioned. Immigration can be an issue, but racism is barbaric and is swiftly removed. This post is entirely my own opinion, based on my personal experience and has no claim to objectivity. It just represents my truth.

How much does it normally cost to get electricity and water on land that has nothing on it?

Whats Next Appliances , boilers , Condensate , Furnaces , High Efficiency machub Most new residential and commercial heating and hot water systems include a furnace, boiler or domestic water heater of the high efficiency condensing type. Condensing appliances extract additional BTUs from the water vapor in the flue gas. When the flue gas drops below its dew point of approximately degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to condense and the resulting liquid is acidic and requires treatment to avoid damage to piping systems, sewerage systems, treatment facilities, septic systems and other items it may come in contact with.

What do you think the bottom of the trap looks like? More than likely there is no bottom.

Setting Up Your Temporary And Permanent Power. August 12, Learning Center «Back to Blog. Print; it usually costs about $$ which may or may not include the permit that the electrician will get. Temporary power can be disconnected once permanent power is hooked up.

Mar 29, Thanks Ken Apr 17, No pain for the surgery but woke up sore. Very sore for about 7 to 8 days and felt much better after that. After you get through the first week after the surgery its down hill from there. Just remember Vicodin is your friend! Good luck to anyone having the surgery. I also had a vasectomy with it which may have contributed to the longer recovery.

Ken Apr 17, No worries, get it done it’s worth not having to deal with an oversized testicle. My wife is much happier as well!

Hydro hook-up for laneway units too pricey, homeowners say

Liberal government deliberately bypassed the BCUC when approving the project. Hydro and Site C dam. Marvin Shaffer, an adjunct economics professor at Simon Fraser University’s public policy program, argued before a joint review panel that the dam is not needed on the current timelines. Site preparation on the new dam began in So it would be a significant amount of money that taxpayers would be on the hook for.

In the long term, however, population growth, wider adoption of electric vehicles and pressure to phase out natural gas for home heating mean B.

Oakville Hydro’s Outage Management System allows you to view outage information online through a real-time map with visual representations of current power outages. Visit Go Paperless! Choose eBilling and help the environment. Sign up today!

And much of the media attention regarding landlords who own low-income buildings centres on those who let their buildings fall into disrepair and view their properties solely as a financial investment. However, many landlords – when faced with the reality of operating a low-income building and the informal social work that it entails – see it as part of their community responsibility.

In the spring of , Teya Greenberg conducted a series of interviews with landlords and property managers who were housing outreach clients in small BC communities. Most interviews took place on location at their properties. Those interviewed for this study spoke compassionately about their tenants: That’s a human being; you can’t just kick him in the rear end and say, you’re gone. I’ll revoke an eviction notice if someone starts to change behaviour.

Landlords and property managers consistently identified that drug use or association with drug culture was the number one reason for both evictions and rejection of potential tenants. They noted that often it isn’t the tenant, but the tenant’s wider community that causes disruption leading to eventual eviction. Landlords get stuck paying the bill.

Updated: The importance of neutralizing condensate produced by high efficiency gas fired appliances

Beyond the amount of the fees, Belobaba was particularly upset a group of lawyers who had acted for Scoop victims in Federal Court were pocketing half the total even though they had done comparatively little work toward the settlement. Belobaba has now, albeit reluctantly, signed off on his end. Given that a Federal Court judge approved the fee arrangement for the lawyers in that court, Belobaba said it would be “unfair in the extreme” to award anything less to the two lawyers who spent the better part of a decade in Superior Court fighting for the Indigenous victims.

Cooper said on Monday he was pleased with the ruling and that Belobaba had been “clearly very complimentary of our efforts.

 · Oakville Hydro’s Outage Management System allows you to view outage information online through a real-time map with visual representations of current power outages. Visit Go Paperless!

City finance director Kathy Humphrey detailed financial hurdles at city hall. More than half of that bill is courtesy the B. That contract expires at the end of this year and has yet to be negotiated. Department heads detailed for councillors on Tuesday some of the ways in which they have sought efficiencies. The streets department has been swapping resources with the parks department. The parks department completed a successful pilot program in which a green herbicide has been used on city fields and will result in less need for mowing and equipment.

Annual Kamloops residential property tax increases in the past decade have averaged 2. Last year, taxpayers saw a 2. The proposed increase only accounts for the municipal portion of tax bills. Add in utility fees and the average household could be on the hook a four per cent spike next year, based on the preliminary numbers.

Controversial Site C dam to proceed