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It appears to be referred to by number, rather than pattern name. I purposely listed it after the other Aynsley cup so you may see the variety of designs and shapes Aynsley makes. Yuletide, by Queen’s, Rosina China Co. Queens – Pattern Yuletide Source This vintage cup and saucer have pine cones, holly leaves and berries with gold trim. Yuletide has been discontinued by Queen’s. This particular cup and saucer have an unusual scalloped design impressed in it. It is called “Eros” design. Look closely at the picture. My mother used to fill this with greens and berries and put it on an end table during the holiday season. The cup measures 3 inches high and 3 inches tall.

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However, there are groups of porcelain marks that are identified based on the location of the maker rather than the actual company, which can be confusing. This is particularly true for certain regions in the world that have a rich tradition in porcelain making, usually because there are several factories or studios in the area. One of the most famous such regions is Dresden and Meissen.

These names represent specific towns in the Saxony region of Germany previously Poland and this misnomer is partly explained by the very history of the first indigenous appearance of porcelain in Europe, and especially by how its production spread from that region thereafter. White porcelain as we know it today, was first invented by the Chinese, some say as early as BC.

The Belleek Group is one of the largest giftware groups in Ireland, consisting of the world-renowned Belleek Classic brand, Aynsley China, Galway Crystal and Donegal China. In the group transcended itself into the modern age with its most compelling addition to date; that being the launch of the contemporary and extremely stylish Belleek Living brand.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Herbert Aynsley’s daughter married Hugh Irving in and he subsequently joined his father-in-law as a partner in the Star China Company when Illingworth retired in Such was the popularity of Paragon China that the company decided to change its name to become The Paragon China Company in This depicted two magpies which were reputed to have been seen at her christening. Paragon started labelling some better quality china as Royal Paragon but this breached the Warrants of Appointment and the prefix was withdrawn.

Hugh Irving became sole proprietor when Herbert Aynsley retired and the partnership was dissolved in


Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China, and it took a long time to reach the modern material. Until recent times, almost all East Asian porcelain was of the hard-paste type. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, which Chinese defined as high-fired ware.

The wares were already exported to the Islamic world , where they were highly prized. From the Peabody Essex Museum.

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The Joys of Identifying Antique Tea Sets

The company, headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, absorbed many of its competitors. Shenango dinnerware is easily identified using the backstamp corporate identification placed on the back or underneath part of the ceramic dish featuring Native Americans involved in various forms of pottery production. Slow Beginnings Shenango opened in but struggled for financial stability for at least a decade. The company purchased nearby New Castle Pottery and then relocated to its plant and headquarters.

Famous Commissions Shenango produced dishes for presidents and serving dishes for the White House, including a commemorative plate for Dwight D.

Porcelain slowly evolved in China and was finally achieved (depending on the definition used) at some point about 2, to 1, years ago, then slowly spread to other East Asian countries, and finally Europe and the rest of the world.

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Antique China Made in Germany

Antique Welmar China Makers of Antique German China With the success of Meissen came the opening of dozens of porcelain factories as the rulers of different German states and regions vied to dominate the European and American markets. Many well-known names in the porcelain industry got their start in Germany at that time. Frankenthal porcelain was founded in in Frankenthal, Germany and was famous for its elaborate figurines.

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A very stately looking pair. Marked “Windsor Ware F. Apparently a souvenir piece, this is a very elegant cup and saucer set. Wide bands of gold alternating with small gold sunbursts decorate these two. Gold trimmed around all the rims this set has ablue blooming flower with a pink bud and foliage on the front.

Porcelain slowly evolved in China and was finally achieved (depending on the definition used) at some point about 2, to 1, years ago, then slowly spread to other East Asian countries, and finally Europe and the rest of the world.

He had gained much experience in the manufacture of good quality china, having been in business with his father for many years. John Aynsley retired in July Irving subsequently joined his father-in-law as a partner in the Star China Company when Illingworth retired in Such was the popularity of Paragon China that in the company decided to change its name and in became The Paragon China Company. Hugh Irving, who had been in active control of the business for many years, became sole proprietor in September , when the partnership was dissolved and Herbert Aynsley retired.

In , the Company became known as Paragon China Limited. Irving was a very astute businessman making the best of every opportunity afforded him. He introduced modern methods of publicity such as window display competitions for retailers and he organised events attended by celebrities of the day. These attracted much publicity in the national press, further encouraging shops to stock Paragon products. Hugh Irving and his sons, Leslie and Guy, who had joined the business in and , respectively, continued their association with the firm until it was taken over by Thomas C.

Paragon became part of Royal Doulton in and continued to produce china under that name until By the name and patterns had been absorbed into Royal Albert and by the Paragon name was discontinued. Some later Paragon patterns from this period continued in production under Royal Albert and were still available until the Royal Albert name was discontinued by Doulton.

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Maker’s marks that have the words “made in ..”, and or “bone china” are 20th century ceramics. If the country of origin is listed without the “made in” prefix, (just the word England, Germany or China for instance) then the piece may date from about to around first quarter of 20th c.

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Unfortunately, we are not experts, but we always turn to a wonderful book by someone who is for our information. Joan Van Patten has written many books on collecting antique Nippon porcelain, and she has compiled known dates for certain backstamps. We are sharing a small list here with pictures of the ones we have come across in our Nippon journeys. We hope this helps those out there looking for this information quickly.

We cannot stress enough that this is NOT a complete list.

This BEAUTIFUL AYNSLEY England Bone China tea cup and saucer plate set. Both are a STUNNING DEEP COBALT BLUE with Gold rim and edges. This set is a little bit more modern, dating to the early s. Customer: value? Southwb: Describe your issue The assistant will guide you.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This unusual set is in good collector’s condition for its age with no chips,fleabites or serious damage,but it does have a small hairline crack which starts beside the handle and travels approx 1. There is also a small amount of crazing which is located just below the hairline which can also be seen in the last photo and is also visible in the 6th photo at approx 11 o’clock of centre.

It has the words “Would’st learn thy future with thy tea,this magic cup will show it thee” on the outside of the cup just below the rim and is fully stamped “The Nelros Cup of Fortune Reg No “on the bases of both cup and saucer. It appears that Aynsley manufactured this set in similar slightly differing styles that evolved over time,but I have been unable to find an exact example with this more ornate earlier style of handle as shown in the 11th photo,so although I have listed it as dating from c it could be slightly earlier or later.

The saucer is just over 5. This item is only one of several other pieces of Quality Art Glass,Paperweights and Collectables that I currently have listed. Many thanks for taking the time to view this listing and the very best of luck should you decide to bid. Payment within 4 days please by Paypal,Cheque or Postal Order. The last thing I want is to have to report a buyer for non-payment. I always retain proof of postage,but I cannot be held responsible for any items that get lost or damaged by the Royal Mail or Courier Service.

However,I will do my best to help the buyer as much as I can with any subsequent claim against the Royal Mail or Courier resulting from loss or damage. Should the buyer require an upgraded postal service for more valuable items e.

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