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Unfortunately, when it comes to seatbelts and child car seats, RVs are commonly thought of differently than other vehicles. People tend to have a relaxed attitude about riding in the back of an RV and may not be as diligent about buckling up. If an accident should occur in your RV, having children properly restrained is vital to their safety. According to Carla Levinski at the Oregon Department of Transportation, “Most vehicle and child seat manufacturers warn against using a side-facing passenger seat for installing child seats. Where, then, is the best location for a child safety seat in your RV? According to Levinski, even though it’s recommended all children under the age of 12 ride in the back seat of a vehicle, if your RV doesn’t have any forward-facing, non-swivel seats, the only option is to place a child, from birth to 8 years, in a car or booster seat properly restrained in the front passenger position. However, there’s one catch:

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Sewn on Latch Plate This type of latch plate is sewn onto the seat belt and may have a lap-only belt or a lap and shoulder belt, as pictured here. Sewn on latch plates are mainly found in cars built before If a sewn-on latch plate does not have a locking retractor, a belt shortening clip must be used. The procedure for use of a belt shortening clip can be tricky, and we would recommend contacting a CPST for assistance if you need to use one.

I’m a bit unclear about car seats – if we are lucky enough to get a spare seat (have not purchased a seat for baby – she’ll be a lap infant), do we need a car seat? We have no intention of bringing a car seat as she’ll be on our lap.

Dorel Juvenile Group manufactures a variety of baby equipment under several different brand names. One such brand is Eddie Bauer, which offers the SureFit infant car seat as part of its stroller travel systems. The car seat comes with a LATCH connectors for easy installation, and the separate car seat base allows caregivers to move a baby from a vehicle to a stroller without having to remove him from the car seat.

The SureFit seat is for use only as a rear-facing car seat, for infants weighing five to 22 pounds. Place the car seat base in a rear seat of your vehicle, with the taller side facing the back of the vehicle’s seat. Lift the belt lock on the seat base and pull it free from the locking plates. Push down on the locking plates to release them, then lift both plates, leaving them in an open position. Close the storage door.

Thread the LATCH strap through the opening on the left side of the car seat base, then thread the other side of the strap through the opening on the right side of the base.

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Baby Car Seats Submitted by philiparnason on October 10, Just learned that the Tesla S as well as the Tesla X for that matter is designed with a second row latch system for three baby car seats. This is great news for me, since the only second row cars on the market that have three sets of latches seem to be minivans. Berlin October 11, I cannot find the quote, but I remember reading that when using three baby seats simultaneously, the two side seats can use the LATCH anchors, while the middle one uses the seatbelt.

Very few have 3 sets of lower anchors. The Model S is strange in this way. While it does indeed have 3 sets of lower anchors, according to the manual: It only has 5 anchors, not 6. You can have seats on the right side and center, but the left side and center share an anchor, so you can’t have both at once.

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Charges may be dismissed upon proof of acquisition of seat. The Types Of Restraints There are three variables for child seats — age, weight and height of the child — and these variable are applied across various types of restraints: The rear-facing position supports the entire head, neck, and back, cradles and moves with the child to reduce stress to the neck and spinal cord in a crash.

The lap belt should be low and tight across the hips and the shoulder belt should fit cross the chest and not rest against the neck or face.

Nov 20,  · FOR SALE – Siskiyou County, CA “Advertisements Good condition, 5 point harness, with restraint to hook into car for better protection. Infant up to 40 pounds. Location: Weed Price: $25 Read more seat Car Sponsored Link”.

Rear-facing child car seats To install your rear-facing child car seat: Install away from active airbags. For many vehicles the safest place is in the back seat, or in the second or third row of a mini-van. Install the base at a degree angle. If needed, use a firmly rolled towel or a firm foam bar like a pool noodle under the base to achieve this angle. The child car seat should move no more than 2. If needed, use a locking clip.

This clip helps secure the child car seat into your vehicle. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to see if you need one. Use the harness slots to position the straps correctly. Your harness straps must pass through the correct slots. Check your child car seat manual for the correct height. To use your rear-facing child car seat:

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Here are tips on how to get there safely in the right car seat. The most important tip: Keep your child rear facing for as long as possible. Stay rear facing until your child has outgrown the car seat by weight or height.

Do not install or use this car seat until you read and understand the instructions in this manual. attached by pulling up on them. SNAP! 1 1 2 2 3 3. 11 Step 4. Slip armrest covers (on certain models) onto armrests as shown. Attach elastic strap to metal hook on other side of seat pad as shown. If your elastic strap is already attached.

Also known as retainer clip. Back to Top Coalition Safe Kids coalitions are trained to prevent injuries to children. They use safety events and workshops to teach families how to protect their children at home, at play and on the road. They also work to haver laws about child safety and more. There are more than Safe Kids coalitions across the United States. Find one near you.

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Select a different vehicle to begin a new search Your child is by far the most precious cargo your vehicle will ever have to carry. Generally, children should be properly restrained rear-facing in a rear seating position for as long as possible, up to the highest weight or height limit for that child safety seat in the rear-facing mode. Many car seats can accommodate the rear-facing mode up to 35 lbs lbs.

Part hook-on high chair, part booster seat, you can either attach it to your table top or strap it to the kitchen chair. After dinner is done, simply toss the seat cushion in .

This is an old post. And I now know my son was not safe using an insert that came between him and the car seat. Please do not use any car seat accessories that come between your child and their seat. Although I was having a good time and learning a lot, I was also pining for the two small people I left at home with their daddy. As a result, I gravitated to the lovely Brandy Keener , who along with her husband, had traveled to New York from Oregon with their adorable 8-week-old son, Kai.

Now when my first-born was 8 weeks, I think I was still stumbling around in my maternity wear and intermittently crying for no reason, so I completely admire Brandy and her husband for picking up and carrying on with little Kai along for the ride. However, he was mistaken, since if the seat has the slots for a seat belt, you can use it in a pinch in a car and an airplane. My son was Installing the Car Seat without the Base:

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Where to put an infant car seat in a Honda Accord Anonymous Middle is statistically safer. But, it’s more important to install the seat correctly, so if that means using the LATCH outboard, then do so. I’m not disputing what you’re saying.

Extended cab pickup and infant car seats Jacob’sKeeper 2 kids; some little town, MT, United States posts Jan 23rd ’12 We have ford extended cab and I’m starting to wonder if our infant car seat is going to fit in it lol.

NHTSA is unveiling ease-of-use ratings for child restraints. The federal rule known as Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, or LATCH, which became mandatory for new cars on September 1, , is supposed to be simplifying the process of installing infant and child restraints. The goal is to increase the number of children who ride properly restrained. Automakers have to install special anchors in vehicles, and infant and child restraints have to be made with lower and upper attachments that mate with the anchors.

Then parents should be more likely to latch restraints into cars correctly and with less effort. Before buying one, parents should be sure to try fitting it in the vehicle they plan to use it in because not every restraint is going to fit in every vehicle. Not all restraints were easy to install in all vehicles. Some restraints in some vehicles were very difficult to install. These vehicles represent a wide variety of designs for accessing the anchor points for child restraints in back seats.

Both the shapes of the vehicle seats and the placement of the anchors for securing the restraints contributed to the ease of access. The lower anchors in some vehicles are visible, while in other cases they’re recessed into vehicle seats.


I would research this very carefully. This means that in an accident, during the “ride down” the seat MAY come in contact with the front seat. This could cause a greater decceleration and MAY increase the risk for injury. The bench may not be deep enough to adequately support a rear facing seat. The infant MAY be difficult to get to in a hurry.

I have a 2 and 4 year old and researched car seats and vehicles carefully.

Jun 25,  · When I mount the seat in the rear of my CC, i go through the middle loop, then to the passenger side loop. Snug it up. When I mount the seat on the passenger side, i go through the rear loop, then to the middle seat loop. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. ive never put a car seat in my truck. im 23, single, no kids. i do.

Will an Evenflo car seat only fit an Evenflo stroller? Leigh [CJK’s Mom] 1 child; Austin, Texas posts Mar 17th ’09 I received an Even flow car seat at my baby shower and I still need a stroller, but I can’t find online whether or not I can use a different brand stroller with the car seat and still have it lock in. Getting an Evenflo stroller wouldn’t be to much of an issue, but I was just wondering, that way I can look at a wider variety and wider price range.

Mommy to 2 girls, 1 boy! I am thinkin about getting one because I do not have a stroller for this carseat and she is to small for one of those umbrella strollers! Just take it with you to try it in strollers you like.

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Want to see how the technical details compare? What do these weights mean? Most strollers are somewhere in the middle. Buying car seats, buying strollers Earlier, we said there are three things you need to think about when buying a travel system:

2 Fasten one LATCH belt hook to the anchor in the vehicle seat located in the vehicle seat bight. Unhook LATCH from bar. Press down firmly on adjuster side of child restraint and push in on release button on adjuster to release tension as shown.

For a higher-level intro to car seats for first-time parents, please start with the intro. Mainly because everyone drives a different car, and what fits properly and safely in a Honda Accord may not do the trick in an Audi A3, for example. Of the crashes studied, very few infants in rear-facing seats were injured.

Types of Infant Car Seats Essentially, there are American-style infant car seats and European-style infant car seats, even though few people use this nomenclature. The Britax Endeavors also has this. To see what I mean, watch this video and cue to 1: I recommend you read the Stroller Intro to get a basic idea of what to look for. In the past few years, they have been offering two versions of this seat: But they have fancier ones, oh yes. I sort of feel like buying a fancy Graco is like buying a Kia and putting expensive rims on it, but… to each its own.

Anyway, Graco knows how to take a simple product and complicate the hell out of it with a million different bells and whistles… here goes!

How-to re-thread the harness on a Graco infant car seat