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He is a renowned American rapper and a well known singer. Kevin Gates wrote his first rap in 7th grade. However, he started his musical career in year He started composing music with two other American rappers namely Webbie and Lil Boosie. Later in year , he came up with an awesome song titled as Get in the Way. The song video features Lil Boosie. Soon Kevin managed to become a budding star.

Jennifer Lopez: Astrological Article and Chart

Lima What would you do if Number 1 woke you up in the middle of the night? I’m not gay, so don’t do smut with me! Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you’re showering? We can play Legos later, Glitch.

IN MEMORY OF A LOVING SON ON HIS BIRTHDAY KEVIN HARRIS 5/27//28/09 It’s been 2 months since God called you to be with Him. Although ‘it’s been painful at times to go on ‘another day, I realize you are in a better place.

Royce Young December 16, 1: This season, they started and have won 14 of 15 to get to So with all the offseason grumbles and questions and worries, the Thunder are on track to possibly repeat their incredibly good regular season. And if they can, you know, not lose their second best player in the postseason, we may get a glimpse of what was supposed to happen last season.

Except — and I wrote this for the Daily Dime last night — I think this Thunder team is without a doubt the deepest, most talented yet. Russell Westbrook is rounding into form, and Serge Ibaka has taken leaps forward.

T.I. – Got Your Back (feat. Keri Hilson)

The wedding, which was an outdoor celebration, welcomed a number of big names and personalities from the television, music and sports industries. The guests in the wedding were then treated to a night of dancing, good food and laughter with the newlyweds. The big names in attendance included a number of Westbrook’s teammates – both from his old and new NBA teams.

Even former teammate and now Houston Rockets star James Harden did not let the special occasion go by without. In fact, Harden even brought with him a familiar face as his plus one: Both members of the basketball team of the university, Brooke and Earl quickly found common ground which clearly led to something more lasting over the weekend.

A federal arrest warrant has been issued for music industry veteran Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond — who manages the careers of the Game and Sean Kingston — for his connection with a .

Fathers and sons marched to Ibaka on a charitable July journey back to his boyhood home, elders declaring the kids had stored soccer balls and devoted themselves to the pursuit of NBA dreams. Beneath Ibaka’s feet on the old neighborhood court, cardboard inserts once separated the holes in his shoes and the gruff, dirt surface. Now, it had been all replaced with a glistening, modern court. Back to present a transformed court on this summer day, back to play a part in the refurbishing of two regional orphanages, what washed over Ibaka was a sense of how deep his roots remained, how far had he had come, how long the odds.

Ibaka’s eyes were growing wide now off the lobby of a hotel lounge several weeks later, his voice rising, his cadence accelerating. He changed basketball in the Congo, and plays a part in shaping its future throughout Africa. It is escaping him and his eyes dart to Jordi Vila — his longtime publicist — who had been listening to this part of the conversation.

Serge Ibaka shows off his “best friend”

Email Copy Link Copied Within the National Basketball Association, there are plenty of superstar players that have made a name for themselves in the league. Off the court, some of these players must have a significant other in their life. A woman that motivates them to keep on going and is always there for them. Each player seeks different characteristics in a woman and usually attract women that are usually famous as well. A seven-figure contract does certainly increase your chances of finding your special someone.

KEVIN DURANT. This dapper year Many of you are familiar with him as the current love interest of R&B singer-songwriter Keri Hilson. The two show no signs of slowing down as a couple and.

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Keri Hilson & Serge Ibaka Christmas Selfie

The husband and wife, who play Prince Charming and Snow White on the show, have welcomed their second child! The acting couple wed back in April and welcomed Oliver a month after. Congrats to the happy couple!

Nicole Murphy Nicole Murphy is an American model and reality TV star. Born in Sacramento, California, Nicole Murphy began her professional career as a model. She met actor/singer/producer, Eddie Murphy in at the NAACP Image Awards. The two hit it off, and after a year and a half of dating, and the birth of their first child, Bria Murphy, they were married in a minute non-denominational.

Milwaukee — Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the fifth-largest city in the Midwestern United States. The county seat of Milwaukee County, it is on Lake Michigans western shore, Milwaukees estimated population in was , Milwaukee is the cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee—Racine—Waukesha Metropolitan Area with an estimated population of 2, , as of Ranked by estimated population, Milwaukee is the 31st largest city in the United States, the first Europeans to pass through the area were French Catholic missionaries and fur traders.

In , the French Canadian explorer Solomon Juneau settled in the area, large numbers of German immigrants helped increase the citys population during the s, with Poles and other immigrants arriving in the following decades. Known for its traditions, Milwaukee is currently experiencing its largest construction boom since the s. In addition, many new skyscrapers, condos, lofts and apartments have been built in neighborhoods on and near the lakefront, the word Milwaukee may come from the Potawatomi language minwaking, or Ojibwe language ominowakiing, Gathering place.

The first recorded inhabitants of the Milwaukee area are the Menominee, Fox, Mascouten, Sauk, Potawatomi, Ojibwe, many of these people had lived around Green Bay before migrating to the Milwaukee area around the time of European contact. In the second half of the 18th century, the Indians at Milwaukee played a role in all the wars on the American continent.

This paved the way for American settlement, Europeans had arrived in the Milwaukee area prior to the Treaty of Chicago. French missionaries and traders first passed through the area in the late 17th and 18th centuries, alexis Laframboise, in , coming from Michilimackinac settled a trading post, therefore, he is the first European descent resident of the Milwaukee region.

Early explorers called the Milwaukee River and surrounding lands various names, Melleorki, Milwacky, Mahn-a-waukie, Milwarck, for many years, printed records gave the name as Milwaukie. One story of Milwaukees name says, ne day during the thirties of the last century a newspaper calmly changed the name to Milwaukee, the spelling Milwaukie lives on in Milwaukie, Oregon, named after the Wisconsin city in , before the current spelling was universally accepted.

Serge Ibaka

Who is the best dunker in the NBA? I would probably say Dwight Howard. Its not just because he is tall, he can jump higher than probably anyone in the nba except maybe lebron James best basketball player in the nba right now. Right now, probably LeBron James even though I think he’s a crybaby. He’s the best all-around player right now. He also is one of the best triple-double player.

Skylar Diggins parties hard with Jayz at the Roc Nation Sports Party.

Collison has filed this travelogue for NBA. Making my way to Kenya I previously attended Basketball without Borders in Johannesburg, South Africa, in , so this marks my second trip to Africa. The total travel time was over 20 hours. After relaxing Saturday we had a day to spend in Nairobi. A small group of us toured Kibera which is one of the largest slums in the world, located in the middle of Nairobi.

Walking through Kibera was a powerful experience. The living conditions are awful. Children are playing barefoot in the dirt roads among the sewage and garbage. Families have taken in orphans into their already overcrowded homes. I visited a similar neighborhood in South Africa in Both times I came away feeling sad for the people, but also inspired by them. Despite their struggles, life goes on. I met people who are working to help others through churches and small health clinics.


Seems that the wave of exuberance hitting international soccer community is now reaching criminal extremes! The Orange Brigade finally got themselves really noticed. Seems a pair of the young Netherlands supporters got themselves arrested for parading around the stands in their gaudy skimpy glad rags. Not because they revealed anything, but because it was revealed that they were part of an unauthorized advertising campaign.

So the young ladies got arrested, hauled off, booked, and arraigned.

Serge Ibaka and girlfriend Keri Hilson had arguably ghana nude women best couples outfit last year when they dressed up The Orlando Magic made a shotacon boys bet on Serge Ibaka taking their defense to new heights.

Anonymous Rookie wrote on T Perfect for Serge who is 32 and lieing a shit to all world Its obvious Anonymous Rookie wrote on T Don’t waiste your precious time. He just sleeping and forgetting. He is a dog. Now you have this girl Daniela braga here on this questioning what he has because she is one of the many he messes with depending on the city he is in. I am messing with him whenever he comes to Nyc! Is it a disease or some kind of infection?

ALSO, i hope he is being honest with all of u about that “problem” he has.

Player Power Rankings: Kevin Durant is pretty good

But we have some great reasons for you to get into them. For Chris Paul, staying focused and being a leader comes naturally to him and his leadership skills were put to the test. Not only is he spectacular in basketball, he is also a yoga enthusiast as well! Along with being a basketball maestro, his dance moves are some of the best, hands down!

Kevin Durant is doing ridiculous things so far in December, Russell Westbrook continues to get right and Reggie Jackson is adding to his game.

Jackson has been very busy lately and we are so proud of him with all of his latest achievements. The movie was a hit with fans all over! The film had every woman wishing they had the character Dorian Brandon T. Jackson as their boyfriend. The film tells the story of four friends Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Kellee Stewart trying to balance their dating adventures with their career ambitions at an upscale magazine, teaching themselves and each other how to get the most out of love and life.

The film is available On Demand. I believe the film has a character that everyone can relate to in the field of finding love.

Galeri Gambar, Foto, & Wallpaper: Desiree Ibaka Serge S Father

Your browser does not support iframes. These West Coast Divas attempt to take over the City of Angels with new deals, new drama, and new directions for their careers and their lives. The Divas are coming together for a secret project showcasing their talents, trials, tribulations, and most of all triumph. Success is the only option for these 6 friends! Episode one of the show airs July 10 at 10 pm on TV One.

Chroniclers, will you be tuning in next month?

Kevin Nealon Himself / Himself – Guest / Himself – Co-Host / Arnold Schwarzenegger / Himself (segment “Mean Tweets”) / Himself – National UnFriend Day Phone Bank .

This has been most prominent in soccer, where it has been reported that many members of the Nigerian soccer team lied about their age in order to play in younger soccer leagues. In the NBA, there have also been a few players with a questionable age listing. Dikembe Mutombo’s age has been questioned numerous times, even going back to his Georgetown days, with claims that he’s older than his reported age. In the draft, Congolese player Tanguy Ngombo was drafted by the Timberwolves in the second round.

His listed age was 21, but the Wolves found out he was actually almost Bismack Biyombo, a more well-known Congolese player than Ngombo, claims to have been 18 during the draft. However, there has been controversy surrounding his age and he could’ve been anywhere from when he was drafted in Although Ersan Ilyasova is not African-born, we’ve all probably heard about his controversial age story. It’s not uncommon for players to hide their real age for a chance at making more money or moving up several draft positions.

Now let’s take a look at Serge Ibaka. He’s apparently 26 years old right now, which should be the age where NBA players are in the midst of their prime and close to their absolute peak. Take a look at Ibaka’s stats in the last four seasons:

Women Who Kevin Durant Has Dated: Girlfriends, Flings & Hookups